If I asked my Italian grandmother, who had spent hours carefully tending a cast iron skillet filled with simmering ingredients, when the “sauce” would be ready, I could expect to get hit over the head with her ancient wooden stirring spoon.

What she was preparing wasn’t “sauce.” Sauce was damp lump of tomato paste you poured out of a jar. She was making sugo – Italian for “gravy.” It was made from scratch, and many of the ingredients had to be prepared the day before. Her sugo recipe is a family staple – it’s thick and rich, and as it simmers on the stove for half a day, it fills the house with aromas you can smell the instant you walk through the door. “Sauce” was what you bought if you didn’t know how to cook, or didn’t care about the taste.

The way my grandmother felt about cooking is the way I feel about digital media. She wouldn’t dream of serving generic sauce at her dinner table, and I refuse to serve boring, rote, predictable media at my digital table.

I’m going to work with you to make compelling video, web, print, search, and social advertising that tells your story. You’ll benefit from more than ten years of my experience with digital video and media, from the Hollywood entertainment industry, to the world of Chicago advertising, and my years earning my degree in film at Northwestern University. All the recent advances in video technology mean it won’t cost you an arm and leg, either.

Sugo Media will never serve you premade media mindlessly poured from a jar. Everything we do is slow-cooked and made from scratch.

We don’t make sauce. We make sugo.