Jennifer Lawrence 2013 Oscars

Why Everyone Loves Jennifer Lawrence


Posted on February 27th, 2013 in Advice, Strategy. No Comments.

Everyone loves her because she’s honest and she’s genuine.

She’s not ashamed to talk about how she’d rather be eating food. She had no qualms saying that acting, in the grand scheme of things, is stupid. Where other celebrities are reserved and speak in canned responses, Lawrence is genuinely funny, real, and self-deprecating – to the point where she was glorified in a Buzzfeed gif roundup.

We’re not surprised when actors behave in a polished and detached self-important manner – so it’s refreshing when we see someone doing the polar opposite.

Are consumers surprised when a business delivers their message in talking points and buzzwords? Usually not.

Do they really believe it when a business claims to be “the best!” or “premium grade” or “nobody works harder than we do!”? Usually not.

How would a consumer react to a brand that presented itself like Lawrence – honest, genuine, and unpolished?

You may not know until you try – but everyone loves Jennifer Lawrence.


Joe Filipas is the founder of Sugo Media, and works in advertising in Minneapolis. He likes Jennifer Lawrence almost as much as he likes food.

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